My approach

What people want from music/drumming lessons is multi-faceted and diverse.  My method is tried and tested, but the specific approaches to that method are informed by the student.  So each individuals experience is tailored to suit their unique requirements both in terms of the music we explore, and the way we explore it.  The aim is always to learn and broaden understanding.

There is a large amount of technique to assimilate in order to play most musical instruments well – this can only happen with a clear “student-teacher team” focus on the short-term tasks in hand, and the longer term goals … so there’s hard work involved and I expect my students to practise regularly as well as attend lessons, but I do try to make sure we have a lot of fun..  

Starting out

Early lessons are built around discovering and exploring together … that rapport becomes our platform for undertaking a musical journey together, hopefully inspiring imagination and firing ambition (and the desire to practise effectively) along the way.

My approach

One of the most important things to develop on any instrument is a relaxed, natural approach to playing. Using my own strategies I encourage learners to relax and to occasionally think less. I focus on cultivating a loose, functional grip to increase natural rebound of the stick and making motion more fluid along with the coordination of limbs into a balanced whole. I encourage students to develop sight reading skills without sacrificing a relaxed approach to playing. If required I also teach Music Theory, Keyboard Skills & Music Industry.

What will I learn?

I teach all sorts of popular styles.  From Rock, Pop, Urban through to Latin & Jazz.  Maybe you would like to work on passing some graded exams. Most students like a mix of some or all of these components.  Together we figure out a programme that gets the desired results, while discovering some new things along the way.  We’ll have a lot of fun doing it, and you’ll be surprised just how quickly you make progress.  


I provide a good depth of resources specific to each student to help them engage with strong practise routines and embed good practise habits.  In addition it will be necessary on occasion to buy some printed music or theory resources.

My Experience

I have over 30 years experience performing and 20 years teaching music.  I’ve worked with a wide range of musical abilities ranging from beginners taking their first steps to experienced players looking to refresh their approach. I find nurturing a budding musician and helping them to grow in confidence and understanding a very rewarding experience.

Why study music?

There are many reasons to think about including music-making in your life.  There are medical and health benefits, such as the improvements to brain synapse connections one gains from drumming in particular. And of course there is the impact learning music has on other aspects of development such as maths and problem-solving, enhanced levels of concentration and strength of focus in demanding situations like exams or (later in life) in the boardroom, as well as the recognised ability those trained in music have to draw on their confidence gained through an awareness and experience of live music and apply it in non-musical performance contexts, such as exams, presentations and interviews.

For me the primary reason to play is for the pleasure of creating live music, of setting fire to the imagination and having the technical capacity and confidence to run with it. Kit drumming represents a unique challenge to both mind & body, simultaneously. 

Please contact me if you would like more information.