I was born and brought up in Warwickshire, went to school in the Midlands and relocated to the United States in my early twenties. I started playing Drums and Trombone at a young age and later joined Solihull and the Midland Youth Jazz Orchestras whilst playing with several other groups. 

As a teenager I studied with Nigel Thomas (LSO & The Blue Nile) & Paul Brook (Greg Lake & Percy Sledge) I also studied in Los Angeles with Joe Porcaro, Ralph Humphries & Steve Houghton. On moving to London I studied with Bob Armstrong at Masterclass Studios.

I’ve worked with a variety of musicians in different styles. As a performer, I have played live across Europe, North America, and South America, also appearing on many major Radio & Television channels. As a recording musician I’ve worked in studios including: Livingston, Olympic, all at the BBC, Townhouse, Battery, Nomis, Genetics, Jacobs & others. I’ve also gained first hand experience of major & ‘indie’ record companies, publishers, agents, promoters, venues & managers at all levels.  

I developed an initiative to introduce organisations to the benefits of recreational music making by delivering events in corporate & educational contexts. I have a teaching practice and I’m a moderator for University of The Arts & Pearson.

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